One Time Lease Option

In the world of investement properties, not everyone needs a property manager to manage their rental homes.

Every investor needs a quality tenant and the time to go and show those potential tenants their lease properties.

Premier Properties offers a one time lease option for these types of investors. Here is what you get.

  1. We will market your properrty on multiple websites including MLS, Zillow, Trulia, and
  2. We run the credit, verify income, verify current rental history. 
  3. We draw up the lease for an approved application to YOUR specific requirements. (TAR lease)
  4. We put a lock box on the property so EVERY licensed realtor can show it and get paid. (MORE APPLICATIONS)
  5. We will give owner FREE advice during the term of the lease reguarding possible evictions or owner responsibilities. 
  6. We will provide owner FREE renewal form if tenant decides to stay more than one year in the property. 

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